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Data Hoarder Bundle (Vintage Floppy+Book)

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A new sci-fi novelette by the internet's Ben Brown.

Hackers fight mega-corps for the future of humanity... in a neighborhood food truck lot. The library must be built.

For the truly l33t, I have created a limited edition of 10 vintage floppy disks, reformatted, relabeled and pre-loaded with a copy of LIBRARY in both TXT and PDF format, along with a 500px wide image of the book cover. These are actually functioning floppy disks that are decades old! They do not make these anymore!!!

I designed the label to wrap over the top of the disk like the original labels, so the back looks cool as fuck with just the caution stripes peeking out and the disk hardware visible but you will have to buy it and hold it in your hand and turn it slowly from side to side to really appreciate that.

Look before you buy this, you should probably make sure you like the story. Maybe read it online first for free. REALLY WANT THIS because I am telling you that it is a floppy disk with a text file on it.

Or maybe you just really need a working floppy disk, I know how it can be.

This bundle includes:

  • 1 of 10 vintage floppies (disk and label color vary)
  • a paper copy of the book, signed by me
  • the ebook
  • some cool stickers

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.
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Data Hoarder Bundle (Vintage Floppy+Book)

1 rating